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Our Services

Speech therapy

Individualized therapy sessions will last 30 minutes to an hour on a weekly basis, depending on the client’s specific needs and profile. The last few minutes of the session will be reserved for therapeutic updates & parent education. Collaboration with other professionals in the client's team will be offered to ensure overall individual success.

Center & Community-based 

Our therapy services are offered at our office space in the heart of downtown Denville, NJ. Additionally, during sessions with our young-adult clients, we offer walking-distance trips into the local  Denville community to practice communication skills in a naturalistic community-based setting. 

social communication groupS

Our social communication groups that will focus on: 

  • Conversation skills

  • Reading non-verbal communication

  • Developing relationships with others while participating in enjoyable activities

  • Emotional regulation

  • Appropriate behavior and communication in the community



Teletherapy is the delivery of therapy services online through a secure and private video conferencing platform. These services are backed by research, convenient and reliable, and allow therapeutic services to be accessible from anywhere. We are currently offering 1:1 individualized teletherapy sessions utilizing the Zoom virtual platform. These sessions have proven to be highly engaging and successful with our clientele. 

payment & other info

Sharper Speech, LLC currently only accepts private pay in the form of checks or cash. We are a DDD and Medicaid approved provider. We do not currently accept any health insurances. Itemized invoices will be provided per request to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please contact us for current rates!

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