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Parent Testimonials

Celeste L.

"Keri makes learning to speak fun. My son with autism hated trying to talk until Keri helped him learn to try without getting upset.  She is amazing and my son looks forward to his lessons which is the greatest compliment ever."

Kellie D.

Keri Sharpe was the perfect speech therapist for my daughter, Alyssa!  Alyssa was not pronouncing specific sounds properly and getting back and forth to speech in a different town was exhausting for everyone.  Then I found Keri, who was recommended to me by a neighbor.  Keri was punctual, polite, knowledgeable and EFFECTIVE!  We were able to find a day during the week for Keri to come to our home and she was more than willing to make the drive to us! It was a dream come true.  Alyssa is a shy girl so I was naturally nervous about her opening up so Keri could hear her speak.  On day one, all I heard from the other room was two lovely ladies chatting away and sharing lots of laughs!  Keri came well prepared with games, coloring supplies, worksheets, glue, scissors, laminated cards, etc.  Alyssa loved when it was "Keri Day" and would get her area all set up because she couldn't wait to work!  Keri would update me on all the sounds she was doing well with and what to focus on more throughout the week. She could explain to me in terms I would understand and gave me lots of tips on how to help Alyssa succeed.  While Covid had to stop our sessions, Keri sent me an email with lots of information and activities to do with my daughter and I am forever grateful to her!  When Alyssa entered Kindergarten in 2020, I had her tested for speech and she did not qualify!  Alyssa had made such amazing progress with Keri! My family and I are so thankful for all her support, knowledge and encouragement.  Hands down, I highly recommend Keri Sharpe!

Maggie S.

"My 26 year old son, Will has been receiving speech therapy with Keri for 2 years. When he exited public education 5 years ago I naively thought that the days of speech and other therapies were behind us. Little did I know! When I discovered that his DDD budget covered speech I jumped on board with it. Will has made great strides under Keri's care. There is always room for growth and learning. I highly recommend Sharper Speech!"

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